Bungalovy Kersko

Season 2013 from 270CZK

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Bungalovy Kersko
Kersko 464
289 12 Hradistko
posta(post) Sadska
okres (region) Nymburk
Czech Republic

Radek Jelinek
+420 721 662 766


Bank account:
M-BANK 2209322835/6210

Loc: 50°9'51.55"N,

Map location:

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About Bungalovy Kersko (Bungalows Kersko)

Bungalovy Kersko are corolfull bungalows in green pinewoods on the bank of river Labe (Elbe) in a wood village Kersko. Visit here will please adults and childreen, families and unmarried as well as businessman and companies. They are equipped with air-conditioning, internet, but also playground and snack-bar. Each bungalow has 3 rooms with double/twin beds, 2x toilette, 2x shower. Everything is brand new, reconstructed 2007.

Bungalow Kersko are 15 minutes drive from Prague at romantic countryside as seen in the movie of Bohumila Hrabala and "Zahradkaru Kerska" ("Gardeners from Kesko") Slavnosti Snezenek.

They arer found in lovelly pine wood diretly on the bank of river Labe (Elbe) with access both from village Kersko (by car, bike or foot) and from the river (by boat, bike, foot or car)

In newly reconstructed and refubrished facility (open 2007-06-30) you will find four(4) lovelly wooden bungalows each with air-conditioning and kitchen, also bungalow build for meetings, trainings and celebrations, snack-bar bungalow with a pub, where you can get great draft beer (Postrizinske pivo), non-alkoholic beverages,ice-cream and other snacks and breakfast. There is plenty of parking under security cameras.

More about bungalows

Your childreen will enjoy playground or small swimming pool. There is also a fireplace, grill and area to join company of your friends, also on terace belonging to each bungalow. See also the trips section for more ideas.

each bungalow has 3 rooms, air-conditioned kitechen with dinning corner, toilette, shower and another toilette with a shower belonging to apartman. It is to best to have company of six (6) adults per bungalow, there is room for two(2) more persons at side-bed. There is also fridge, microwave and kitchen equipment.

In short distance you will find not only food-store, but also famous restaurant Hájenka, bowling, minigolf, tennis and number of other attractions.